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AHC being inaugurated by narsingi town chairman
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Articales on herbal medicine published by Dr Roa
Articles published by Dr Rao in daily news paper
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Patients waiting at the AHC
Patient being examined for blood pressure by mr P. naidu
MS sailaja, consultant herbalist and patient counsellor
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I. Background

a. Why Herbal Medicine?

b. Herbal Medicine in Ancient Times

c. Advances in Allopathic Medicine

d. Traditional Medicinal Systems


II.Allopathic Medicine

a. Allopathic Treatment Costs

b. Inability to cure permanently

c. Preference for surgical procedures

d. Use of multiple drugs

e. Adverse reactions


III. Herbal Medicine in the West

a. Herbal Medicine Courses in West

b. Herbal Medicine Course for Doctors

c. Resurgence of Herbal Medicine in west

d. Herbal Medicine in Germany

e. Herbal Medicine in Japan

f. Herbal Medicine in the USA

g. Herbal Medicine in the UK


IV.Traditional Chinese Medicine

a. Government Strongly Promoted TCM

b. Equal Status for TCM & Allopathic medicine

c. Simple to Prepare and Easy to Use

d. Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine


V. Herbal Medicine in India

a. Rigveda

b. Atharvaveda

c. Origins of Ayurveda

d. Other systems of Indian Medicine

e. Quick Relief with Herbal Medicines

f. Effectiveness of Indian Medicinal Herbs

g. Poor Support from Indian Govt.

h. Popularity of Indian Systems of Medicine

i. Exports from China and India

j. No Comparative Evaluation


VI.Ailments Treated by AHC

A. Digestion Tract Ailments

B. Respiratory Tract Diseases

C. Urinary Tract Ailments

D. Osteo Arthritis

E. Rheumatoid Arthritis

F. Face and Skin Problems

G. Scalp and Hairs

H. Gynecological Ailments

I. Male Ailments

J. Mental Ailments

K. Cardio-Vascular Problems

L. Cancer


VII. How to Contact Us:Case Sheet



Australian Herbal Clinic

Global Herbs for Good Health


Affordable Treatment    Customized Medicine for Every Patient

Absolutely no Side Effects  Fast and Definite Cure


Postal Address

7-90/5 Brindavan Colony Kokapeta Post, Via CBIT Post Office

Hyderabad 500075,   Phone Nos: 9848524475, 9848735889


Information of this website will be updated  periodically



Route Map to AHC


route map


(On Mehadipatnam to Gandipet Road, Between Narsingi and Gandipet Villages

Two kilometres from Narsingi Village)




Aim of Australian Herbal Clinic

It was in the above context that the Australian Herbal Clinic was established in Hyderabad, India more as a mission than as a health care business. Our ancient seer Charaka said that medical knowledge should be sought and can be acquired even from one’s own enemy. He advised his disciples to go into the hills, forests, and country side to learn about the medicinal properties of herbs and treatments methods from folk healers. AHC is doing just that.


The aim of AHC is to provide simple and effective medicines for most of the common ailments. AHC also offers safe and effective medicine for a number of chronic diseases  for which allopathic medicine has no permanent cure.


a. AHC’s Comparative Research

At present even herbal medical practitioners do not know that out of the 100 most prominent medicinal herbs selected from allover the world, 49 either originated in India or have been used in India for centuries. Out of the 30 most reputed and widely used herbs by Traditional Chinese Medicine, 19 also grow in India and are widely used in Indian Ayurveda, Unani, and Siddha systems of medicine. The aim of AHC, however, is to use therapeutically the most effective herb irrespective of its geographical source.


b. Any Herb Can be Grown in India

Fifteen years of comparative research on Indian, Chinese, Australian, European, American, and African herbs convinced us that India has a richer heritage of herbs than any other single country or continent in the world. India has a variety of soils and climates. Virtually any herb growing any where else in the world can be grown in some place or the other in India.


c. Holistic Medicine

AHC adopts a holistic approach in the treatment of all ailments. A person with well balanced nutrition, rest, exercise, and a healthy life style usually has a very high level of immunity. He is not easily susceptible to disease. The root causes of disease are far more important than the symptoms and severity of symptoms in therapeutic treatment. No human organ works in isolation from others. To restore a patient to full health and vitality, every organ in the body has to function in perfect harmony with others.


d. Every Patient is Unique

Every patient is unique in terms of age; physical stamina; general state of health; quality of food, water, and beverages consumed; intake of sugar, salt, and fat; physical exercise; quality of living accommodation; mental stresses and strains in employment; anxieties and worries about career and family etc. The causes of the same ailments can be different in different patients.


AHC uses a large number of Indian, Chinese, European, American, Australian, African etc herbs to treat a wide variety of ailments. AHC makes its own herbal medicines. Medicines are in the form of capsules, tinctures, decoctions, infusions, steam inhalation formulas, infused oils, ointments, herb infused vinegars, fresh leaf juices etc. As AHC uses its own customized medicine for every patient and does not buy or prescribe medicines manufactured by others.


e. Own Herbal Farm

AHC uses about 250 Indian herbs and 150 Chinese, European, American, and Australian etc herbs. As far as possible, AHC uses only fresh herbs that it collects from the field. Now it is establishing in Hyderabad, India a five acre herbal farm to grow most of the herbs that it uses. The aim is to be completely certain about the quality herbs that we use from the stage of growing them to the stage of harvesting them and processing them into customized medicines.